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Hey fellas whats up?!

I'm Andrew and decided to 'go old' and parted out my old Supercharged civic and acquired a 2004 Accord CL9. I think our version of this car is closer to the famous CL7 Accord Euro R. However the TSX comes very close although the interior looks different. Anyway as first timer, I'd thought I'd share some facts.. go here

2004 HONDA ACCORD Original Honda Parts from Lings Honda

Basically its the full EPC and prices and availability for the CL9 (European one) and I know parking sensors wasnt a viable option from Acura etc..

any questions from cold dark England about my CL9 fire away!

Enjoy :)

PS.. If you are really curious about the prices, basically multiply by 1.6 and thats your price in us dollars.. you guys probably will have a shit on how much we get raped here! :(
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