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I'm planning to lower my TSX a smidge (around an inch) but in measuring my four corners I've noticed that each corner is a slightly different height (about a 5/8" variance) so I'm not sure what is normal and what I'd actually see after I lower it.

Does anyone know what the normal height is (and why are my four corners so uneven)?

For reference the gap between the top of the rim and the bottom of the wheel well at each corner is approx:

LF: 5.5"
RF: 4.8"
LR: 4.8"
RR: 5.5"


Edit: I have measured off two different surfaces for the left side to account for uneven surfaces and got about the same difference.

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could be tire pressure and such.
there's more variables than just uneven ground, although that's mainly it.

only way to tell for sure is on a 100% level ground. chances are the suspension is
fine and it's a combination of air pressure and ground.
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