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US Model Car Odometer

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Hey all, I'm looking at buying a TSX in Toronto that according to the VIN is from the states. Is there a way to tell if the instrument cluster is displaying in miles or km? The speedometer has the km in larger font with is usually the case with Canadian cars.
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What speed does it go up to?
canadian speedometers will always show KM in larger font. another difference is the emergency parking brake indicator; canadian clusters have a little (!) indicator whereas US clusters says "BRAKE"

canadian cluster:

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I would make a deal with you, spizzak, but this thread is 10yo, so I suppose your problem is solved long ago.
But maybe, since it's still here on the board, somebody else will visit having same problem as you have and would like to swap a Canadian cluster to US version, so I'm going to leave this message here anyway.
So, for anyone who wants to swap (or sell) a Canadian (KPH/Centigrades) gauge cluster (for my TSX version 2005 A/T US version) - please contact me.
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