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using external HD on IPOD connector

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Would it be possible to use an external 2.5 Hard Drive for music by connecting it to the IPOD connector? I just tried using a thumb drive to see if it would work but the system would not recognize it and just says it's unsupported... does anyone know if it would work? maybe i'm just setting it up wrong... it would be nice to have my entire song selection with me everywhere i go

Edit: ok so i got the thumb drive to work.. guess i just had to reformat it on my mac cause it was formated on windows at first.. but i'm still wondering whether anyone knows whether the hard drive works for it though. i'm also using this hard drive to store other things as well if that matters
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dunno about HD but why do that when thumb drives are so cheap now?
Well i have an extra HD laying around so thought if it worked, why not? And yes, thumb drives are cheaper now, but don't hold near the same amount and i could get a used 120gb hard drive for about 35 bucks. where as a 16gb flash/thumb drive would be about the same price.

But for those of you interested, it does work. although there are some issues. You have to have the key in the accessory on position already then plug the HD in or else the system will read it as a damaged disk. once this happens it won't work for a while. but when it does work it, it'll work just as well as a flash drive. you just have to remember to unplug it when you leave and then plug it back in when you have the car on. But all in all, if you're music selection isn't more than 16gb, a flash drive would be the better out of the two unless you're ballin' and can blow 60 bucks or more on a bigger thumb drive..
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thx for the info. 16GB is more than enough for me.
It will not work with an external hard drive, unsupported media. Only iPod and usb flash drives work.
well it does work. the hard drive needs to be formated first and the format i used when formating was FAT and on my mac.
i think i read something on the manuel about them not recommanding using external HD..i was thinking of doing that untill i read it lol. but you can go ahead and try! :D
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