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I did a search and didn't get much info on this j37 intake manifold and throttle body. Besides relearning the throttle ,this mod require ecu tuning? Is that why I'm not seeing any threads on this?

Since there aren't as many tsx v6 models, I'm seeing a lit more info from acura TL and Accord forums. Was there even a 6spd manual tsx option

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As was mentioned in your other threads, the 2nd Gen V6 TSX was never available with a manual trans and very few were sold.
It's too bad because the V6 Honda Accord, made in the US, WAS available with a manual trans.

The 2nd Gen TSX, and other Acura's at the time, was a sales failure with the "beak" styling.
You could argue that the 2nd Gen TSX was also a performance failure since it was heavier and mushier than the 1st Gen TSX.

With all your TSX V6 engine questions, you should check out Accord V6 forums or perhaps even Acura TL forums.
There are very few V6 TSX discussions on this forum.
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