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(VA) 2006 NHBP TSX 6-speed

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For sale is a Nighthawk Black Pearl 2006 Acura TSX, 6-speed manual transmission. Non-navigation. Purchased October 1, 2012 with just under 100,000 miles. The car now has 106,000 miles, but at 105,000 the engine was replaced with a 33,000 mile engine, and the clutch was replaced with a brand new one. I will be driving it one or two days a week to work, so I estimate about 60 - 75 miles a week will be added to the odometer.

The roof has some small dents from hail. Those were there when I got it. So body-wise I'd rate the car a 6, but performace wise it's a home run! Everything is mechanically sound, everything works perfectly.

I replaced the front factory speakers, which sounded terrible. I installed a DICE Ipod adapter- it plugs into the XM radio connection, so if you want XM instead I can just plug that back in.

The car is financed, and the title is held by my Credit Union, so all the money stuff will take place at the bank.

I'm asking $11,000. This is my break-even price on the car loan, and great considering the new clutch and low miles on the engine. I'm very firm on this, since I'm still going to be losing thousands due to paying for an engine.

Car is located in Newport News VA. Send me a PM or email me at [email protected] . Also you can text me at 757.869.4842 (no calls please) As each month goes by I'll drop the price a little after I make another payment... until sold.
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Bump! Reduced to 10,000
Thanks Kev! She performed beautifully for the 5 hour drive home...averaged 29.4mpgs:)

Good guy!

I hope the car serves me well for several years to come.

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