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Vantucky ricers, ditch those HID's.

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I know everyone has them stock but you all know people that put them in halogen housings. Well apparently theres a Vancouver pd that has a hair up his ass about them. 2 friends have been stopped for it and fined $675. So get yourself some projectors or yank them out cause hes not giving fix it's either and both court cases were denied reduction even when they went back to stock.

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its all on how the lights are aimed.. you can always tell who has the aftermarket kit cause they have the really blue ones or they are purple other give away is the housing but i been seeing more and more trucks with the aftermarket hid kits and with that you get some jackass who thinks raising the lights alittle more to shine in the back of the vehicle is cool too. most the time it doesnt bother me when they are behind me (tinted windows and dimming rear view mirror)when looking at them head on too they mainly dont bother me either,but every now and then the jackass shows up with the incorrect light adjustment..

BTW not being a jerk but most (not saying all)people who complain about it usually have an eye issue (astigmatism) or something like that where the glare is more dominant to them then someone with 20/20 vision
i am sure the person with a true 100w bulb with upgraded wiring is gonna have just as many complaints as the guy with the 35w hid unfortunetly HID does make a brighter light for the watts and usually has a better surface light too so i can understand why people want to swap them out over a halogen. I honestly dont care about the lights someone has i dont stare at them when they are heading towards me in the other lane.. or when they are behind me in my rear view mirror..
15 years ago blue and yellow halogens where super popular. the brighter the better.. cops pulled people over left and right cause of it then the whole DOT standard became a hot topic. soon hid became standard in vehicles so people wanted that look for there regular vehicle.. old people hate it cause of there bad eyes,, so if one was to argue in court and show lights are DOT approved regardless of HID or halogen then a judge should throw it out.. a good attorney could argue it.. states may vary but in oregon there is no law that states you must run halogen bulbs only in halogen stock vehicles.. infact current law here only shows """The single beam headlights shall be so aimed that when the vehicle is not loaded, none of the high intensity portion of the light shall, at a distance of 25 feet ahead of the vehicle, project higher than five inches below the level of the center of the lamp from which it comes, or higher than 42 inches above the level on which the vehicle stands at a distance of 75 feet ahead of the vehicle." the law also has indication light colors that are considered illegal..
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sucks to be them.. should of got the DOT style.. better luck not getting pulled over.. ive heard people been pulled over for the dark blue cause police like to call it as impersonating an officer.. when i ran the dark blue halogens many years and different vehicles ago.. i got that line i asked the officer if he saw me flashing lights like an officer and did he see flashing red too??.. his response was no then i asked how was it possible to confuse him between me then.. silence for a second.. he gave me a fix it ticket.. not always nice to talk back but sometimes you gotta throw some common sense there way. most the time officers are just there to do good and will just give ya a lecture or whatever not... every now and then youll get the ones who for some reason or another want to throw there weight around or have a vandetta against certain things and make it his personal job to flick shit to get there way.. i would be curious on how many tickets that officer wrote for the same reason and compair it to other officers in the area that most likely dont..

if i was them i would still contest the ticket if washington law is written like oregon.. or get an attorney. 200$ vs 675 sounds like a better deal. a good attorney would beable to make it work in there favor
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