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I have an Acura TSX ’04 6-speed manual transmission. Got a new car in December so I only use the TSX once a week for very short distances (small errands, move for street cleaning once a week). Car is parked on the street, only have one spot in our apartment building. Naturally, I always run into problems with the battery. Alternator is fine, was replaced 2 years ago. Battery is about 2,5 years old. Problems only started after I started using the new car for my daily commute and trips and hardly drove the TSX. I’ll sell the TSX in 2 months anyway so no need to put major efforts into it.

I jumped the car last week to move it but now I can not get it to start at all. I charged the battery with a 15A charger for more than 12 hours until this morning, but now it’s not doing anything, no crank, no start. Charger said it was charged to 100% and then went into maintenance mode (3Amp). The battery light in the car is not on, so it should be full. It doesn’t not crank. Is it some anti-theft mechanism? The radio is not asking for a code or anything. The anti-theft light (bottom right below the radio) is blinking red (not in video).

Any advice?

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