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VIGOR sighting!!!!! :tongue hanging out:

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Yes, I finally saw one!

No sooner did I get done haranguing PRBallard and all the other Vigor fans about how you never see any Vigors any more, when I saw one this afternoon going south on the Henry Hudson Pkwy, then exiting to the GW Bridge. I think the car was black, but it was hard to tell because of the snow and gloomy air. Driver was a sharp-looking black dude, on a cell phone. Sux! Not because I think it was dangerous for him to be on the cell phone, but because if he was on the phone I couldn't wave to him. :D

Long live the Vigor! :bowdown1:
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That's funny, I saw one on the weekend for the first time in many years. It was that beige-salmon colour. I went by fairly quickly so didn't see who was driving, but the car looked to be in excellent shape. Nice, clean early-90's Honda styling.
Well, I saw a Buick Grand National today. Not in great shape, which was too bad, since it's a bit of a collector's car.

I used to have a '79 Regal with the 4.9L V8, which is probably that car caught my eye.
The lux-end of Acura definitely lost its way after the Legend. I wonder if they were trying too hard to be Lexus?

otoh, they did really well with the 94-01 Integra, which of course includes the infamous ITR.
larchmont said:
Do you mean there was some problem with it? I don't really know anything about the car, except that Real Time Racing used to use it for some of their races and did well with it.
infamous - in a good way. The ITR was considered to be one of Honda's most hard-core driving machines, next to the NSX and S2k. At its introduction, the 8400 rpm redline and 108 hp/L were among the highest of any normally aspirated production car.

It's also the car that started the whole big red R thing.*
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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