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VIGOR sighting!!!!! :tongue hanging out:

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Yes, I finally saw one!

No sooner did I get done haranguing PRBallard and all the other Vigor fans about how you never see any Vigors any more, when I saw one this afternoon going south on the Henry Hudson Pkwy, then exiting to the GW Bridge. I think the car was black, but it was hard to tell because of the snow and gloomy air. Driver was a sharp-looking black dude, on a cell phone. Sux! Not because I think it was dangerous for him to be on the cell phone, but because if he was on the phone I couldn't wave to him. :D

Long live the Vigor! :bowdown1:
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larchmont said:
Yes, I finally saw one!.......

Long live the Vigor! :bowdown1:
Thanks Larch! As you know I have been a proud owner of two of them. Great cars and great looking too! :D
Here is a review of the 94 Vigor GS. I never owned 94 Vigor (had a 92 AT and 93 MT). This is an archived article from 1994.

Check out that MSRP (slightly more than a TSX w/navi). WOW what a deal we all are getting on the TSX 10 YEARS LATER!!!!!

Here is their review of the TSX
Yes, the review is pretty right on. Really legroom is the only place were the Vigor is a bit tight. When I first bought my Vigor in 1992 I was cross shopping it versus the 2nd generation Legend Coupe. Sort of the way some people cross shop the TSX vs. the Accord Coupe now. Both had identical legroom, but the Legend Coupe was wider. Sound familar? I like the Vigor better and it was less expensive. My annual salary then was just a little more than the Vigor cost, so I was pretty maxed out anyway.

Comparing the Vigor to the TSX. The TSX has more legroom, but not really much more room in any other way. The 1992 Accord did have more legroom, but I didn't want an Accord. The Vigor was much more stylish inside and out than the Accord and I loved the feel of that longitudinally mounted 5 cylinder engine. It took one hell of a car to persuade me to part with my Vigor.

I love my TSX!!!!! 1blue1.gif
A little more personal Acura history. I bought a 95 2.5 TL. It was in many respects a Stretch Vigor, but it never was as fun to drive. I then bought a 97 CL (mistake). It was fun to drive, but I never liked the feel of the car. I don't know if it was because it was a V6 or American made or both. I replaced it with a used 93 Vigor. I love the feel of my TSX. It is a perfect match for me or at least as perfect as perfect can get.
I would agree that the Late 90's to the early 2000's was not Acura's finest hour.
I don't think they started losing their way until 1996 and even more so in the later 90's. I have many friends that still have 2nd generation Legends that they really love. The first generation was a wonderful car, but they had to move it up scale (larger body) if they wanted the car to be their flagship. I think they got it right until the Legend/RL came out in 1996 (there is that year again). I had a 1996 RL as a loaner one time. What a floaty boat. I thought I was driving a Lincoln. The Legend (either generation) didn't drive like that.

Larch, buddy, I think you are a minority on this one.
My point was the 90's Legend was hell of a good car and the general public to this day still holds them in high regard. But come to think of it I did buy a Vigor instead. :D Even though the Vigor had a long length and wheelbase it was considered a compact, just like my new ride. :bowdown:

I am in general agreement with you, but I think you are being too hard on the 2nd generation Legend.

On a positive note I believe/hope that the 05 RL is going to be a hell of a nice car and make us forget about the 96 to 04 RL That was definately a bad idea from the beginning. It supposed to be bigger than a 5-series and smaller than the 7, about the same size as the Lexus GS, 300 hp and AWD. The Legend lives!!! :bowdown:
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