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It's been a long time since I've actually posted here only because of the fact that in the 4 years of owning my latest TSX, I haven't done much to it since my last set of mods. It's basically been the way it has been for a while now. Maybe some of you remember me?

IMG_4896 by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

I just never got around to do anything else to it even though I really wanted too. Well, that's about to change as it's time to get rid of something I've been holding on to for years now but it's time to say goodbye to them. I am now selling me Volk Racing GT-7 wheels. They are 18x7.5, 5x114.3 lug pattern with a +50 offset. Color is gunmetal with a polished lip with all original stickers intact. They have never been curbed as they were mostly just used for show with occasional light driving and have always been garage kept. The wheels I'm guessing are fairly rare now since they have been discontinued by Volk Racing and I rarely see them anymore anywhere so you'll be getting a pretty unique set of wheels now.

Here are some images of them when they were on my other vehicles but never made it to the white TSX because I just got lazy and never put new tires on the,

44491_1603261403716_1301545090_2020624_5915915_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

41085_1603261043707_1301545090_2020617_2682961_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

44491_1603261443717_1301545090_2020625_5271424_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

2705_1160216407868_1301545090_739269_7028568_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

2705_1160216367867_1301545090_739268_5509093_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

2705_1160216487870_1301545090_739271_303217_n by mobile.samuel, on Flickr

That's about all the images I have of them so far. I'll be posting more this weekend after I pull them out of storage and get some close ups. Again, these wheels are in very good condition and have never been repainted, fixed, or rebuilt. They also include the original Volk Racing valve stems and valve stem caps.

I'm looking at getting maybe $1800 for them obo and I do also have the original Volk GT-series centercaps as well which are the ones with the carbon fiber inserts. These may or may not be included in the deal. No tires come on the wheels as they have been dismounted long ago. Local pick up only if possible. [305/786/954 area code] [Miami, FL] area.

If interested, reply back to this thread or PM me. I'll be checking back on this thread periodically. Thanks!
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