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Selling my rare and discontinued Volk SE37's to grab something new.
Rims are in mint with one tiny nick on the lip of the wheel. No curbs or bends.
Face and barrel are fully polished. I polish these once a year before I put them back on the car in the spring.
You want your car to pop these are the wheels that will do that.

17x8.5 +40 Offset
215-45-17 Falken 912 with one season left on them

If my asking price is not met I'll keep them since Im not desparate to sell, not in a huge rush either so dont bother lowballing.

1700 or best offer.

PM me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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Free bump for probably the best wheels every designed and manufactured by Rays Engineering. Unfortunate that I don't have a car that'll fit these. GLWS
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