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Vs-xx tpms

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I'm currently in the market for VS-XX. But I only concern is that i want to run my TPMS. I understand that most people will just throw them in the spare and inflate it. But I like to know where my tires are at. So here's a link that I found.
So my question is for those who ran a TPMS on work or any other multi-peice wheels.

TPMS L Shape Adapter Set (For 2 Piece Valvestems)
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I use the parts in link on my T1S with OEM TPMS and works fine.
How'd you get it to work?
My only concern for me to have the TPMS is so i can know if my tire pressure is below 30 psi during winter months or if theres a leak. And I'm aware that tire pressure will be different due to the volume of air in a tire that is stretched on rim thats not factory sizing. Plus who checks their tire pressure regularly if you don't have the TPMS? Most likely no one often. But thank you for your input, and I've decided not to go with VS-XX due to the popularity and abundance in our community.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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