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Vs-xx tpms

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I'm currently in the market for VS-XX. But I only concern is that i want to run my TPMS. I understand that most people will just throw them in the spare and inflate it. But I like to know where my tires are at. So here's a link that I found.
So my question is for those who ran a TPMS on work or any other multi-peice wheels.

TPMS L Shape Adapter Set (For 2 Piece Valvestems)
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i dont mean to thread jack but if you go with bigger wheels lets say 18"/19" and a slimmer tire wont the PSI in the tire be different thus causing the TSX ecu to think that theres a problem anyways ???
it only sees the psi and has a warning somewhere under 32,,,,,and like most said stretched or shorter sidewalls mean higher PSI.
Again not to thread jack but my rears run at 29/30 PSI varies with weather condition and i have no warnings from TMPS, i got a 2008 Non Tech with stock tires and wheels. Just in case anyone needs this useless info :p
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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