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Vs-xx tpms

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I'm currently in the market for VS-XX. But I only concern is that i want to run my TPMS. I understand that most people will just throw them in the spare and inflate it. But I like to know where my tires are at. So here's a link that I found.
So my question is for those who ran a TPMS on work or any other multi-peice wheels.

TPMS L Shape Adapter Set (For 2 Piece Valvestems)
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Use this stuff

Dill Air Controls Products Banded Components

Get a band (1194)
And bracket (1025-U) per wheel

A tire retailer will bend the tab on the bracket, with the round hole, out and bolt your sensor inside the wheel as a "banded" sensor. Problem solved.

It will function as if it were mounted normally, can be balanced as usual AND you can use a standard valve and not have to worry about the sensor stem corroding/leaking.. You need to remember to mention this to future tire shops/techs so they don't accidentally break the sensor.
Depends on the stretch. I have 225/45r18 on 8.75. It's a moderate stretch but I'm only running 32/30 psi. No issues.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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