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So today i was really bored at home and decided to replace all my lights that are out for my 2005 tsx.
97,093 miles...

So all i needed was:
Screwdriver set
sissors or nailclipper
4 radioshack bulbs
#7219 microlamp 12volt 50Ma

35853-SDA-A01 ( HI / LO heat button)

#74 bulb for gear shift light same as the glovebox.
got a #74H from superbrightleds, its a bit too big but i modified it to fit. (electrical tape)

So first you pull out your center console and disconnect the wiring, then flip it over you will see the heater switches with screws.
unscrew the 4 screws. I took the whole center console inside with me...

Pry off the vsa and moonroof block with a flathead. Carefully so you don't scratch your car!!!!!!

Unplug the harness you won't have the extra wire since that led is for my alarm system.

This moonroof button is hard, you need to press the top clip with the screwdriver since you can't reach it with your finger.

The other one push both sides it slides out from the front of the plate.

To avoid losing any pieces or parts i brought everything inside.
Look at all the 4 switches.

This is how all the switches are it needs a flathead to unlock it. Carefully do it or you can strip the plastic.

The moonroof light is the hardest it gets stuck sometimes so use a small flathead to pry it out.

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The others are pretty easy just don't force it out.

4 bulbs out and the rubber caps remove
CAREFULLY REMOVE THEM, i broke 3 of them... so i have amber lights in my car right now.
I really don't care but its fine
Wow almost 100,000 miles and 4 bulbs burnt out.

Okay heres where the tweezers come in handy i spent 10 mins trying pry these bulbs off, but realize the wires is what holds it down.

Use the tweezer to pry at the loose wires. The bulb should slide out as soon as its free.

Open your bulbs and hold them with your thumb and finger line it up to the 2 small tiny holes. You have little room to miss but its like putting a thread through a needle...

Now here is a tricky part not too hard, but just mimic all the bulbs if you didn't remove them all yet...

you need to pull the bulb down into the blue holder, than pull the wires up through that opening then curve around that nudge and come down.

Then the wire comes inwards and cut the left over. Don't worry about the end, the important part is up at top where it hits the metal on the switch.

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If your good you won't have those 4 rubber caps shredded up...

Easy part put everything back together, i screwed up the rubber caps so i can't use them anymore.

Put those back on push the blue housing back into the switch then use the flat head to lock them in.

Then screw the the two heater switches back on the center console. Note you can't mix them up thank god for acura making them curve in. They won't fit if you tried.

Back to the car now-------------------------------------------------

So plug back the two harness for the moonroof and vsa and make sure you do that cuz i forgot and thought none of my bulbs worked....

Push firmly and foward the plate will snap in.

Center console light
I replaced the bulb and couldnt get the #74H to fit its a bit too big. Used electrical tape to get it held in place.

Now its a screw style so i only put a little layer of electrical tape on so i still was able screw it back in. This is a bright led, I tried it instead of an amber, since I always felt my gearshift light was too warm...

After you put that light in you can plug back the heater switches and put back in the center console.

This is the finish product.

Yea i know its amber... DON'T SCREW UP THE BLUE CAPS!

Oh got the Brockway obd2 scan tool =)

I wasn't expecting the center console to come out whiteblueish. Even with the Superbright led there has to be a slight blue flim for the amber bulb to shine white....

So lesson learned don't mess up the blue rubber caps!!!!

Enjoy =)

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