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wald grill fitment

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do i need the trim? if so, how can I acquire one thanks
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Maybe post a WTB thread in the classifieds. Are you looking for a chrome one or a NBP one?
i'm looking for any trim that would fit my wald grill lol. Mine never came with one.
If you want, you can order a new one. The part number for a 04/05 JDM NBP grille trim is 71122-SEA-901ZC. Heeltoe can probably source it. I got mine from Boom Plus Toys because I'm in Canada. Otherwise, just look for used one and get it painted.
@chikia12187, did you ever find a trim for your WALD grille? I currently am in the same situation you were/are in. I'd appreciate the update on the grille.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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