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Want Advice - JBL GTO speakers

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Hi everyone,

First, thank you so much for your time.

I was hoping to get some advice. I bought an 04 TSX two weeks ago and the previous owner had installed two JBL GTO938 speakers behind the rear seats. My plan is to install JBL GTO638 speakers in the doors, and install a subwoofer with a 200w amp that I had running in my previous car.

My question, and the area I'm looking for advice in, is do I need to buy anything else? I bought two pairs of adapters for the speakers (These ones) but should I buy another amp to power the speakers? I also read in another forum about a JBL MS-8 processor because installing a head unit is a pain?

Any guidance would be extremely appreciated. Thank you again.
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If you'll be using this setup with your stock HU, you will also need a line-out converter in order to wire the subwoofer.
I found a car audio place nearby and had a talk with one of the guys there regarding what I'm looking for, so I'm all set now. This thread can be deleted, sorry for wasting space :rice:
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