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Washington TSX Sighting Thread!!!

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We drive by and see so many Acura TSX locally I figured I would start a Washington Sighting thread. If you see any modded Tsx of any sort or one that stood out. Post it up. If you see a clean Tsx parked. Take some pictures, chances are they are people from this sight or maybe someone new not on here. Post date and time with slight description.
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There was a CGP or NBP following me on the 405 in the HOV earlier this evening, about 7:20ish. Stock wheels, lowered, and the fogs were super dim. I thought they were running lights or something lol. Is that anyone on here?
Saw a PWP in Kent about 7:30? earlier this evening on 240th at the Chevron gas station. Had a Euro-R emblem on the trunk and dark tint. Looked stock otherwise.
PWP heading south on the 405 earlier near exit 8, cruising along in the right lane. Hellaflush I guess? Wheels with a chrome/polished lip, yellow fogs, tint. I couldn't see any more details, I had my sister in the passenger seat with the vanity mirror on haha.
20, and rolling stock. But not for long, hopefully. I live in Kent and work in Bellevue so I travel on the 405 almost everyday. I've spotted quite a few TSX on there surprisingly.
I might have fit right in with you guys there at Factoria if I made it on time and knew where to go or see anyone.

Once I got to the meet I only stayed for 45 minutes. Didn't bring my rain coat so I got over it real quick, but from the short time that I was there I liked what I saw! Definitely A LOT better than the HF meets back home in Hawaii.
Nice I live down in the Kent area, I am in a 2010 TSX and my club stickers should be here any day.
I live in Kent also, near Panther Lake. :woot:

On my way home from work tonight I was heading south on the 405 and saw the same CGP that I did a while ago. Had AP2 exhaust tips, lowered, looked like it was a veteran or a military plate? I didn't get a side view because of traffic but I wish I did. I got off exit three but this guy kept going.
Heading north on the 405 on my way to work this morning, I saw an 04-05 glacier blue metallic with a spec wheels and some cheapo LEDs placed in the fog light area. Such a nice color!
Saw a SSM or ASM 06-08 parked on main st in old Bellevue last night. Had an A spec lip kit, spoiler, and honda badges I think?
Spotted an 04-05 CGP with an a spec lip kit heading north on the 515 through Kent past Benson Road.

I really need to start having a camera ready to snap pics on the go lol.
Looks like it's rolling on RonJon Legacy wheels. Nice!
Had another TSX follow me down the 515 through Kent. I couldn't see anything besides it being lowered, had a lip kit, and 04-05 tail lights when I looked after the person passed when I turned into Safeway.
Spotted an 06-08 ASM or SSM on the 405 heading south through tukwila. ASpec lip kit, dark wheels that looked like RE30 to me with dark blue lugs, lowered of course.
If I saw a picture I would know for sure. Looked super clean too.
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