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Weapon-R Intake HD Sound Clip and Review

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The install of the Weapon-R Secret Weapon intake was fairly easy since I already had the DIY intake kit. The instructions that came with the Weapon R intake did not help much at all. The only problem I had was with the IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature). It was too big for the plug and rubber grommet, but after a little bit of DIY I had it set up in no time. I ended up using super glue on the sensor to the grommet, then put the grommet in its place. The grommet wiggles a bit around the pipe, but it is still a good seal.

The sound is glorious, as soon as you hit full throttle it has a low intake grumble and the VTEC kick is justified with this intake, the way it should be.
It does get pretty warm after a good drive, but I don't think its much different than all the other intakes out there. Metal Tubing = Heat Soak.
I replaced the Weapon R filter with a K&N filter as you can see, there is no difference in sound, but you can never go wrong with a K&N filter.
Here is a video clip with the intake installed (HD, for your enjoyment):
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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