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Weapon-R Intake HD Sound Clip and Review

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The install of the Weapon-R Secret Weapon intake was fairly easy since I already had the DIY intake kit. The instructions that came with the Weapon R intake did not help much at all. The only problem I had was with the IAT sensor (Intake Air Temperature). It was too big for the plug and rubber grommet, but after a little bit of DIY I had it set up in no time. I ended up using super glue on the sensor to the grommet, then put the grommet in its place. The grommet wiggles a bit around the pipe, but it is still a good seal.

The sound is glorious, as soon as you hit full throttle it has a low intake grumble and the VTEC kick is justified with this intake, the way it should be.
It does get pretty warm after a good drive, but I don't think its much different than all the other intakes out there. Metal Tubing = Heat Soak.
I replaced the Weapon R filter with a K&N filter as you can see, there is no difference in sound, but you can never go wrong with a K&N filter.
Here is a video clip with the intake installed (HD, for your enjoyment):
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I purchased the A'PEXi Power Intake for the TSX. I used it for a day, and I have to go against some opinions. The A'PEXi intake is definitely not louder than the Weapon-R. This is probably because the Weapon-R is constructed of metal tubing from the filter to the throttle body, whilst the A'PEXi is only a short pipe of steel and then all the rest is stock tubing. Don't get me wrong, the A'PEXi is still very loud and may perhaps be just as loud when VTEC cracks, but it definitely is not louder. I also chose the Weapon-R over the A'PEXi because of the look. I believe the full metal piping from the TB to Filter looks much nicer than the Stock tubing that spontaneously morphs into a steel pipe.
The one thing the A'PEXi Power Intake has over the Weapon-R is its RESISTANCE TO HEAT SOAK. Because the A'PEXi is not metal piping all the way to the TB, it stays cooler than the Weapon-R. Still very warm, but not as warm as the Weapon-R.

In the end, they are both Short Ram Intakes that do not do much other than make your k24 sound the way it should sound... amazing.
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Here is what the A'PEXi Power Intake looks light when installed.
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one of the reasons i went APEX'i is it's ease of removal for smog purposes every couple years.
Yeah, that is one thing I left out. The installation from Stock to Weapon-R is much harder than the stock to A'PEXi install. You don't have to disconnect or connect any wires to the A'PEXi which is definitely a positive, but the Weapon-R is more of a permanent modification that I don't plan on removing anytime soon.
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