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Since I see that Brembos are part of what of what they offer for the TSX, I referenced this on the thread asking about Brembos:

Actually over there he was wondering about whether the TL Brembos would fit on the TSX but I thought this might be of interest to him too.

BTW maybe a little off the subj, but.....
My "problem" on another site began when I started talking about the site's ads (in a positive way) -- we were told frantically that Google didn't allow discussion or reference to the ads, and that the site's ad revenue would be jeopardized!
It seems there's no anxiety about it on this site, so I've assumed it's OK. But I do wonder, and of course it would be important for us to know --
Does Google really dictate any prohibitions or restrictions about this?

Assuming not, I find it interesting and useful to discuss the ads or at least refer to them from time to time, and I imagine others do also.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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