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First of all perhaps you can consider the Bo header made by a forum member. He references branded headers (I think his normal version is based on DC, and the race version is based on ASP) and make one for you. Build quality seems to be better than DC from what I read. Not sure if he still provide the service, but worth a look.

I had CT-Engineering and later moved to ASP, both with fastline HFC. CT-E is very solid, highly recommended for daily driving because it keeps the low-end torque, but opens up the mid-high range by a good amount compared to oem. If you can find an used one, grab it asap. DC is similar but the build quality is not as good.

A race header like ASP is a different animal. The benefit of race header is more top-end and the possibility to lower VTEC switchover with a tunr. ASP is a piece of art, and really uncork the top-end compared to CT-E (at the expense of low end, though). My car got almost 10hp peak bump just from the header over CT-E after tuning, and VTEC switchover is 4k. The power/response/sound in VTEC zone is so satisfying that I am ok with the loss in the low end. Not exactly PLM, but you get the idea what a race header can bring.

BTW, the exhaust drone increases with the header flow and race header can be loud.
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