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What intake?

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What intake do you suggest for an 05 TSX? I would like good performance and a nice sound if possible. My friend has a maxima, and when he stomps on the gas the intake ROARS to life. Anything like that for the TSX?
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but... in order to hydro lock the engine, i guess u need the filter to be at least 1/4 submerged into water. The lowest point of the filter is around the center of the wheel. So, I am assuming u need to go into water that is AT LEAST 15" deep in order to hydro lock the engine... LOL man... why would u drive over a 40cm deep water when u see it, and stay in the water, and hit the throttle????

the stock inlet is actually beside the headlight... so u need to submerge the whole bumper before it will hydrolock with the stock setting. :laugh:

btw, another negative I say would be the loss of torque below 2000-3000 rpm...
tacoma750 said:
Does the K/N intake work?It doesnt go down to the wheel, it sits next to th emotor, next to the fender. Kind of lik ethe stock one, bu allows mUCH better air flow
are u talking about Short ram? hmm... in general CAI should give u more gain b/c it is taking in cold air (supposedly). Depends on where u live tho. has done experiment before on TSX showing when the car is actually moving, the air being sucked in by SR is not that hot. temp was closed to the enviorment.
Andynolife said:
Injen CAI will give u roughtly around 14whp gain .. where the K&N is abt 12whp gain and it's like 50 bux cheaper than the injen ...
the bypass will howeverm decrease the power gain to abt 10whp based on the dynos i have seen b4 .. ~
hee... btw, dyno shows that it is about 10whp. But I really doubt that it is giving me that gain. I mean... 10whp supposed to be 'noticable', isn't it? I am thinking it is the difference when the car is actully moving vs stationary. Like when the car is stationary on a dyno machine, it is easier to suck air in compared to when the car is actually moving (esp in fast speed).
Andynolife said:
well ... yes 10 hp is quite a bit .. ~ but that's like in 7100 rpm ... ~
u wont drive in 7100 rpm everyday rite ~ :cool:
and i believe we lost like 5~10 tq in low end range .. ~
and i can feel it :spike: ~
almost everyday... at least once or twice.... :laugh:

try to replace filter, it works a bit better at low end.
Oh wait, u are using K&N... I am talking about Injen...
Andynolife said:
oh .. u mean K&N's filter is better ?
i thought they use the very similar cone filters .. all K&N made ?!
the one I am using is bigger. hmm... about the same diameter, but like 1/3 longer.
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