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The Freon in the newer systems is said to be non-damaging to the environment. So while it isn't good to vent the system openly you shouldn't get sick from it. Professionals are subject to fines for doing this though so you really should get a shop to properly vent it.

Recharging the AC system is not exactly easy. It works by having a vacuum pressure in the lines. This keeps air and other atmosphere out of it, like water.
Since your AC is empty you need to run a vacuum pump on the system first for a good hour or so and use a high and low pressure gauge to check for a good system seal, the gauge will not show an increase in pressure.

Then you can add freon for the rated weight. An oil is also needed to lubricate the system, which is sometimes mixed in with the freon depending what you get.

Then based on the current temp you check the low and high pressure lines for the correct pressure. You do all of this with a R-134A Manifold Gauge. R-134A is the freon type.

If you just push new Freon into an empty system there will be too much pressure and you can damage the compressor, which is very expensive to replace.

The best thing to do is have a Pro re-charge your system.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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