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what size should i go with 18" or 19"?

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i'm kind of stuck on which size to get either 18's or 19's? help me out guys!
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You should give the tyre/size calculator a try on what's a good option on tyre combination.
i am stuck also....:(
and if i go 18's should i go 225/40's or 235/40's frustrating when you cant make up your mind!!!
This shouldn't really change anything, because its just my opinion, but i like 19's better! :)
I think 18s look great. Plus they don't make the ride so dam hard, and the the tires are cheaper
after i install my 18s...i think 19 is better.......coz pro-kit is not low enought to make the rims look bigger
228...what kind of rims you have?
civicsir07 said:
228...what kind of rims you have?
18" 5zigen hyper 5ZR
those were the same rims i tried on my ride, but when i tried them on, they seemed smaller than stock. they didn't look like 18's more like 17's :donno:
go with these: WOWSERS
TSX with 19" RH EVO J5 Graphite
When getting 18s, the ideal tire size to go with is 215/45/18. It's rare but it's the closest to stock tire size when going with 18s. In fact, the shop where I purchased mine informed me that there were only 3 tire manufactureres that make them: BF Goodrich (which is what I have), Toyo, and Pirelli.

225/40/18 is the next size I would recommend. You can refer to this link for further detailed info, http://*************.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1466
coo, think i want to go with the 225-40-18's
what if i go with 19's, what tire size i can go to be close to stock?
will 19x8.5 with a 35 offset with tire size 245-35-19 fit a tsx lowered on eibach pro-kit?
^^ It's shorter than stock, but it should work.
is the offset of the wheel okay? will it clear the fender? is 245 too wide?
245 seems kinda wide on a tsx go with 235's to be safe maybe even a 225/35/19 better to be safe them sorry in the long run after rubbing
civicsir07, I'm running 18s w a 235/40. I have goodyear eagle F1s, which are a great tire, but pretty pricey. This size is almost identical to stock o.d.(one tenth of an inch difference) Personally I chose 18s for ride qualty purpose as I have virtually no change from stock, but 19s look better if thats what you're going for.
consider the Euro-R gets 215/45/17 ... i think it's good to go with 225/40/18 and
235/35/19 ~ 245 is too wide.... remeber we got little tq to run these big ass rims+ tires ~ but 225/45/18 is not bad if u perfer nicer looks than performacne ~
so 18's would be an ideal set up with 225/40/18's as for goin with 19's which will be a harsh ride?
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