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What to look when buying 2004 TSX 150k miles

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I'm looking to buy a 2004 TSX with 150k miles. The car seems to be in great condition. Current owner seems to take care of this car and millage said to be 80% of highway. Light mods have been made like ajustable koni yellow with eibach coils. rear sway bar 22mm with polyuretane bushings, rear ingalls camber kit and front and ajustable skunk2 in the front.

It also says many new parts... and general pictures seem to proof that the car is very clean.

The high millage don't really bother me, I've owned old honda since almost 10 years with lots of mod. I've got very low knowledge of K series and maintenance issues.

My question is: What should I expect that need major repair in the next 3-4 years? and what should I look/ask for previous maintenance that could have been done?

From my previous experience with older car, I always focused on timing belt and clutch replacement, but on a TSX, I've got no clue! Any thoughts?
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check the balljoints for play also, I have a 04 with 165k and it uses almost no oil with 5k mile intervals, I have however replaced both axles in the front, upper control arms, lower balljoints, air filter (resonator deleted) cabin filter, sway bar links, and its clunking again and rides like hell, needs struts im sure..... Id find a lower mileage car, mines been pissing me off lately, very nice interior and fit and finish however
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