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I come from the honda world, and im still here ;)
My old car was a 94 Accord EX Sedan, I owned it for 10 years. It had 240k miles on it before I finally retired it :eek:
(If there was already a thread with member's previous rides, mods feel free to merge)

Jdm h22a w/ oem LSD trans
5speed swap
Euro R im w/S2000 throttle body
Euro R injectors
Equal length Header
Ferrea 6000 series valves
shimmed h22a4 LMA's
Custom tuned p28
made 186whp/162 ft lbs on dyno
ACT HD clutch w/11lb chromoly flywheel
Koni Yellows with Eibach Prokits
Full urethane bushing kit for entire chassis
5 lug swap with Legend GS dual piston calipers
SS brake lines
ST rear sway bar

S2000 Steering wheel
S2000 Seats
04 TSX wheels
SiR Headlights
SiR Bumper lights
SiR Fog lights
SiR Door Garnishes
SiR Metal door sills
BB6 amber side markers
Dual filament hibeams with center light DRL's (All custom)
96/97 int wipers and maplight
Genuine SiR center console

The car was my pride and joy, but unfortunately I had to move on sometime, and I needed a car that suited my living situation (I have no room for tons of car parts anymore)

I miss the car alot, It drove so great.. it was a truly fun car to drive.

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Heh, I had a 95 accord coupe. It was my first car. It was pretty much all stock. I remember my dad teaching me how to drive stick in it well before I was 16 haha. Did road trips by myself from pa to ga all the time. It was good to me so I decided to get another accord. Lol

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Mine came auto, and I converted it to 5speed :)
It was so simple to do, especially with the motor out.

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Same with my car and the headers, The pics I posted above don't show my baller header that I bought, since I got in an accident with the car a week after i installed it =/

Its interesting to see other former 5th gen accord owners upgrade to a TSX. the TSX is the 5th gen accords older cousin. The first time I sat in one it immediately felt like i was sitting in a newer, more revised 5th gen accord.

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1994 Honda Accord Mugen SiR Sedan

Engine and Friends

* JDM spec H22A [10.6:1 comp. ratio]
* M2B4 limited slip differential manual transmission
* Competition Clutch stage 2 clutch
* ACT Streetlite flywheel [12 lbs.]
* Prelude Type-S OEM intake
* NAPA Gold (Wix) air filter
* Mugen 4-2-1 header
* Magnaflow 2.5" high flow cat
* GReddy SP2 catback [60mm, 2.36"]
* Optima YellowTop battery
* OEM Sumitomo spark plug wires
* NAPA distributor cap and rotor
* Denso Iridium Power spark plugs [IK20]
* Honda Genuine Full Synthetic 5w30 oil w/ Spoon magnetic drain plug
* Honda oil filter
* Honda MTF w/ Spoon magnetic drain plug
* Upgraded grounding wires (8 AWG)
* Mugen high pressure radiator cap
* Hood stays


* Tein SuperStreet coilovers
* Energy Suspension HyperFlex Master Kit graphite impregnated black polyurethane bushings
* EX front sway bar w/ polyurethane bushings
* Progress rear sway bar w/ polyurethane bushings
* Front and rear strut bars
* Ingalls front camber kit
* Washer trick for rear camber


* Mugen RG wheels [16x7 +43, 16 lbs.]
* Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires [205/50/16]


* Nightshade Gray Pearl paint job (NH-577P)
* Mugen spoiler
* Mugen grill
* SiR front lip
* JDM Stanley SiR headlights
* Stanley SiR front side markers
* SiR "Accord" rear garnishes
* Rain-X Repel wipers
* Mini adjustable Zender/Fuba antenna

* Morimoto Mini H1 HID bi-xenon projector retrofit
* Morimoto XB35 4300k H1 bulbs
* Denso slim digital ballasts
* Amber LED corner bulbs
* OEM fog lights
* PIAA H3 Plasma ION 2500K fog light bulbs
* White LEDs in license plate


* S2000 steering wheel
* SiR wood trim center console
* SiR tachometer and bezel
* SiR door sills
* Forbidden short shifter
* OEM brushed aluminum shift knob
* Dark gray leather interior
* Black all weather rubber floor mats
* 96-97 Map light retrofit
* Blue LED dash/cluster conversion

Stopping Power

* Rotor over hub conversion
* '94 Legend GS dual piston front calipers
* '94 Prelude VTEC 11.2" Brembo blank front rotors
* Brembo blank rear rotors
* Raybestos ceramic pads
* Steel braided brake lines


* Standard EX six speaker layout
* Pioneer Premier DEH-P690UB headunit (connected to my iPod)
* Kicker door speakers
* MB Quart mids
* 12" Eclipse sub-woofer in ported enclosure
* Eclipse amplifier

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^damn that interior is the cleanest i've ever seen on an CD chassis
Thanks man. My friend I sold it to is messing it all up haha. Sigh.. :(

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the ride right before this one was an 03 maxima se 6MT..prior to that I was a honda guy and had a 99 exl 5mt accord coupe which was totalled. I then got a 98 exv6 accord coupe which looked identical. Both of the accords were the most reliable cars I owned, hence me coming back to the honda family

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Don't have any pics but my previous rides were...first car I owned was a 96 4dr gsr (2004-2005) totaled =( wanted another 4dr gsr but a 2001 model but at the time it was really rare to find one that's clean and low mileage so I got tired of waiting and just got a 99 4dr ls instead (2006-2010) sold it to my sister haha and got my tsx that I now have

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1996 Acura Integra GSR sedan w/2000 Integra front

96 Spec ITR motor swap
Rage header
Apexi N1 exhaust
ACT clutch
Fidanza flywheel
OMNI coilovers
JDM ITR Cluster
JDM ITR Recaros

1996 Honda Civic CX hatchback

96 Spec ITR motor swap
SMSP Race header
BPI Velocity stack w/intake arm
Tuned on Crome
ACT clutch
ACT flywheel
T1R 63s exhaust
Ground control coilovers w/Koni Yellows
K-Sport LCAs
GSR front strut bar
USDM Type-R seats
CTR Cluster
CF hood

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