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2001 F150 Harley Edition
I put more time and effor into this truck and i will never do it again. This truck was a rolling experiment. During its time in my possesion it went through DOZENS of subwoofer enclosures and setups including a full blowthrough design that held setups that reach over 150DB, two full center consols (front to rear of cab), a most of 6 JL Audio amplifiers, three full custom bed setups, two train horn (real ones, straight off a train) setups, and four sets of tires lol. I absolutely loved this truck and one day i will own another.

These pics were probably some of the best looking i have and are from the clam shell in daytona beach during Spring Break Nationals. All of this work was done at my buddies garage by me and a few friends.


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Nice man! What was your mod list? I miss mine so bad. I would love to get one again.

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Nice man! What was your mod list? I miss mine so bad. I would love to get one again.
91 GSX

Hahn super20g turbo.
FMIC and 2.5 piping.
Erbified intake
Hallman MBC
3" full exhaust with magnaflow race muffler
Punishment racing recirulated o2 housing
2G ported exhaust manifold
3-bolt rear end with LSD
car weighs 2820lbs on scale
dual piston calipers with drilled rotors
KYB shocks GR2
H&R springs
magnacore plug wires
ACT 2600lb clutch and ACT stainless street flywheel
stainless steel braided turbo and fuel lines
STM oil catch can
Erbified coolant catch tank

6 bolt block, fully balanced
1g head, ported with 5-angle valve job
webcams 546/547 grind (264,272)
arp head studs @115 lbs
5-speed transmission rebuilt. approximately 20k on tranny. all gears shift smooth.

walbro 255lph pump
STM fuel pump rewire kit
aeromotive FPR
750cc FIC injectors maxed

autometer boost -30+30
autometer EGT
aem wideband o2

dsmlink V3 lite
3" GM Maf with MAF-T

Im sure Im missing a few things. Im not counting the basic stuff I did to it when I got it to make it reliable. Yes it was a reliable dsm lol.
The turbo that I just rebuilt is going in this very car. As long as im in a good spot come spring Ill buy it back and finish what I started.

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My Previous DD was a 2000 EBP EM1, due to the fact it was a bumass thief magnet she has now retired and is blocked in on my driveway by 2 Police Interceptor Crown Vics and under surveillance by CCTV Cams, if thats not enough, theres also about 17 guns in a house which include rifles, shot guns as well as hand guns. Also thinking of purchasing a minature dog such as yorkie and training him to press a button once he spots bumass thieves attempting to steal the EM1, the button would unleash a small metal bearing ball which then goes through a sequence of knocking over dominoes and other things such as seen in Sesame Street shorts, the final result would be a garage door opening, a garage that houses a starving Bengal Tiger and a pack of Angry Hyenas. Ive also considered a 2 way pager alarm and a low jack system, but thieves usually expect and are prepared for that type of security, i duno just sayin.

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Mine was an '07 Subaru Forester XT with a 5-speed. It's basically a WRX as far as engine goes, with a similar drivetrain, and with chassis/suspension that accepts parts that fit '04 STi, so you can use many parts that fit those cars (most Subarus are like LEGOs in that regard).

I've owned it since new 'till March (?) of last year when I parted it out for the most part and sold it with 81K on it. It's gone through a few tunes and few dozens of suspension setups, I learned a lot from that car. It was a great car and alot of fun, but I needed a change.


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These are both mine still!

These were hard to find

Black BB6 RIP, J35A8 is now in the white one! White shell is super clean.

B-Cuz racecar
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