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what wheels would fit without rolling/camber

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im trying really hard to find wheels/tires that will give me the flush look with the fender and i plan on lowering it about 1.5" with tein stech lowering springs. i just got this car and im brand new and not a wheel/suspension guy. what i want to know is how big can i go and offset with about 1.5" drop without having to do any camber, fender rolling/pulling, etc... this is my daily driver and im more about function over form and i dont want to deal with scraping and all that. thats not me, but i do like the flush look with the slim tires that really make it pop and not look cheap if you know what i mean lol. please help and if you have pictures of examples that will help too, thank you!

edit: i know rim, tire, and suspension knowledge. i understand it, i just need to know how big can i go with a 1.5" drop at most without pulling, rolling, or doing any camber.
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You're not gonna be able to get the flush look without at least rolling the fenders, man.
Probably. 1.5" drop isn't much at all...So maybe you can. haha
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