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what wheels would fit without rolling/camber

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im trying really hard to find wheels/tires that will give me the flush look with the fender and i plan on lowering it about 1.5" with tein stech lowering springs. i just got this car and im brand new and not a wheel/suspension guy. what i want to know is how big can i go and offset with about 1.5" drop without having to do any camber, fender rolling/pulling, etc... this is my daily driver and im more about function over form and i dont want to deal with scraping and all that. thats not me, but i do like the flush look with the slim tires that really make it pop and not look cheap if you know what i mean lol. please help and if you have pictures of examples that will help too, thank you!

edit: i know rim, tire, and suspension knowledge. i understand it, i just need to know how big can i go with a 1.5" drop at most without pulling, rolling, or doing any camber.
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There's too much to explain so it'll make sense to someone who's new to wheels and suspension. Research and google so you understand rim specifications and how they work.

Easiest way to will be to lurke on this form and the other not-to-be-named forum and see what other's are doing. Find something you like, PM them for their specs.
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