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Yes... contemplating selling the TSX after many great years together. NOthing by any means finalized but looking at options.

I'm wondering what you think is a fair price to settle for on my car, as a trade-in with a modified car isn't the easiest thing to do LOL.

Market: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Car: 2004 TSX
Transmission: 6MT
Mileage: 206,000km on body, 108,000km on engine. (Rebuilt top end and brand new bottom end at 98,000km by Acura)
Condition/Rust: Great. Very little rust.
Colour: White. Black leather interior.
Maintenance: Done on-schedule with fully synthetic oil, OEM fluids, and mostly OEM parts. I baby this car.

All normal TSX features for this year incl. heated seats, mirrors, leather, 6cd, yadda yadda yadda.

- OEM "A-Spec" body kit.
- OEM rubber floor mats and trunk mat.
- Cargo net (non-OEM, actually Nissan 350Z OEM).

Modifications: (* indicates stock/OEM part included with sale if they want it)
- Hondata reflash
- Injen CAI (*)
- 4-2-1 Stainless Steel Header (*)
- UR Underdrive Pulleys (*)
- Comptech rear sway bar (22mm) (*)
- Poly bushings on rear sway bar (*)
- Euro-clear headlights, 3M protection film applied as well. 5K bulbs.
- Brakemotive cross-drilled and slotted rotors, Brakemotive ceramic pads
- Tein H-Tech springs (*)
- Koni shocks
- Comptech Short Shifter (*)
- Maven shift knob (*)
- Alpine speakers in 4 doors and dash
- Nearly-new General AS-3 tires on OEM 7-spoke alloys
- Nearly-worn winter tires on OEM Steel wheels

Exterior appearance:
- Great-to-excellent. New paint on most of front. New hood, fenders, bumper, due to an accident involving a hit-and-run where driver backed lightly into my car while parked. No frame damage, just cosmetic, fully repaired with new panels and paint, NO STONE CHIPS anymore.
- 20% tint all around.

Interior appearance:
- Very clean. Slight creasing of leather on drivers' seat. Other seats are in excellent condition. No stains, rips, tears, gouges, or any damage in interior. Near-mint.

So... any opinions?

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$7000 I'd say, try posting it for 8-9000 at first (you got nothing to lose). But don't be surprised to get offers of $5000 low ballers will pounce for sure.

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It's worth more to u than to any potential buyer out there. That's for sure! Ur best bet would be to part out and sell the car stock as this would generate more interest and put a lil extra cash in ur pocket. Or u can sell it as is and kiss the investment u put into ur mods goodbye. Partouts will never fully refund ur investment into a vehicle, but the alternative will net u less... and that's for sure!! GL.

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But like why didn't you sell it to me a month ago... That's the perfect car and all the options I want... and I'm located in Ottawa. Heck, If I had the money. I'd buy it right now.

There's not a lot of TSX's in the Ottawa area. I bought my Black on Beige TSX (still not a fan of my beige but living with it...) for $8k with 145km. I honestly think you can get about $8-9k for it. There's practically no trade in value. Your KM's are a bit higher and unless you're purchasing a new car, they won't do much. I would post it for $9 but you will probably only get between $7-7.5

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The fact that your car is modded and been in an accident will hurt the resale value for sure. But like others have suggested, try an asking price of $9-10k and see how things go. If not, you can always part out your car and just sell it as stock depending on if you want to go through the hassle of doing that. I'm sure you would make more money going this route.

P.S: If you ever do decide to sell/part out, i'm interested in the header, pullies, headlights, and trunk mat :)

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I'm curious to know what you guys think about the mileage being higher (over 200k km) but the engine being lower km (as mentioned in the first post). Does this help, hurt, or have no effect?

I'm just bored with the car, although the car owes me nothing and is really really reliable. I guess I could spend some time giving her some TLC and installing some parts I have sitting around... maybe rekindle the spark.

If only my wife knew I was having this conversation about a car and not her LMFAO.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the TSX scene (joined today officially) and am browsing around for prices for models between 2004-2008.

As a potential buyer, if you ask for $5k I would buy it in a heart beat. $6-7k is still good to me but $8-$9k I would have to rethink. As a buyer I would also have to consider the tax I have to pay to take ownership and also I'm under 25.. so insurance may not like to insure a car that was an accident before.

I agree with everyone, you would get more money back if you part out
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