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Hi all,

New member here - got tired of passing everything except VW's service bay with a GTI, now I have an 08 TSX. I won't have it a long time, maybe a year or two, but do plan minor changes. I don't have the facilities to do it myself, so will be looking for a shop to do it.

I believe I may make some suspension improvements - at minimum, RSB. But maybe more. Ultimately I'm more interested in handling than drop.
Can anyone recommend a shop to have suspension work done in the Kitchener Waterloo area? Toronto Area?

I will definitely change out the wheels. Current plan is to upsize and get wider without gaining weight.
I've already exchanged emails with RonJon over some wheels - anyone with experience dealing with Toronto Honda?
My other possibility may be the Tire Team in Waterloo. I'd appreciate any other suggestions.


(May be in honeymoon phase still, but loving this car)
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