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Quick questions when it comes to replacing relays...

I recently had to replace my fuel pump relay do a TSB. The relay that has been installed in the car could potentially cause an issue and had MITSUBA stamped on it and is black. This fuel pump relay had to be replaced with a Honda OE DENSO # 39794-SDA-004. This new relay is stamped with DENSO made in Japan and is Blue.

I've been reading some sites and forums saying the MITSUBA(made in Thailand) relays are in fact junk. That they have a higher fail rate and can cause issues with electrical systems. I read that the DENSO relays are manufactured in Japan and are higher quality.

What are your opinions on these 2 brands of relays?

One ago I had to replace the OE a/c Condenser Fan Relay which was a Mitsuba. I thought that fixed the issue. Now I have to start tracing an electrical issue where both radiator fans turn on with AC OFF at idle. All accessories are off, A/C climate control is off. Shouldn't just the driver(cooling) fan turn on when cooling fan switch closes circuit? Only time both fans would come on is when the A/C is set to on and the compressor cycles correct? This would mean a relay is not working correctly right?

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