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4th Annual Crown Point, San Diego TSX and friends gathering.

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1794 Moorland Dr,
San Diego, CA

When: March 23rd, 2013 (Saturday)

Pot luck style gathering as always so keep the list going!

Lets make this a bigger TSX turnout then previous years!

1. Bryant (element360) - Cooler/ice/waters
2. Jason (jso0on)- hotdogs/patties/buns/condiments
3. Jay (Mayuga) - Hot Dogs, Water, & More Water.
4. Allen (KushxHennessy) - Soda, Cooler, Grill? (If I don't bring the TSX.)
5. Warren (Rengeezy) - Salt and pepper chicken wangs
6. Danny (cYn) - We'll see!
7. Thomas (carcrazy) - no clue...
8- Ira (Shady_cu2) - condiments, some sort of side salad, cooler, water, ice
9. efrah62- potatoe salad(salads) and gatorade!
10. Danny (iTheDanny) - Don't know yet
11. Kevin (Kevin) - Yellow Shirt and Hate (or donuts)
12. Rantonio0727 - Dessert pastries

btw its Jason birthday the following week!
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