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which Zaino wax should I Get

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which one do I need to get and z-1, z-2 and z-3.

my paint is in pretty good condition my car is only a couple of months old. which of these zainos waxes would enhance the color of my CG TSX.
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I highly recommend that you get Z2 and ZFX (at minimum).

Z1 is the old "primer" that works well but takes forever to dry. It has now been replaced by ZFX.

Z3 is just like Z2 but is used on surfaces without clearcoat.

Other things you might want to consider are Z-6 Gloss Enhancer, Z-7 Car Wash soap, and Z-18 Clay bar. Or just get the Zaino Total Protection Kit, which includes all of these fine products.

Since your car is relatively new, the clay bar isn't a necessity but that also depends on how anal you are about the car.
I'd say get the kit, it has everything you need. It includes Z5 which is for swirl marks. (I got the kit)
what about Z-5 ? what do most people get?

I don't want to get the kit cause I know I won't get to use all of that stuff
Delmiroc said:
what about Z-5 ? what do most people get?

I don't want to get the kit cause I know I won't get to use all of that stuff
I bought the Z-5 a long time ago for my taupe colored '89 SE-i and still have it left over. Unless you are seeing swirls or light scratches in dark paint, no need for it.

My friend and biz partner is the Arizona rep for Zaino and we are forever having the discussion over the ZFW vs. Z-1 Polish Lok. Since Z-1 is applied first and Z-2 over it, there is no reason to wait for the Z-1 to dry? That said, this time of year, it doesn't take more than a half hour to an hour for it to dry. Even if it the temp is cooler where you are, save your money.

I wash and apply the Z-1 during the late afternoon and remove the following morning. I've also applied and removed it within a half hour and have found no difference. Again, weather and temp play a big part, but I still don't see the need. After all, Zaino was sold for years before ZFW and people found ways to make it work?

My suggestin is get the clay bar and clay the car if you haven't already. Follow instructions for stripping the wax off first with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Next, apply the Z-1 and Z-2 and your set. I do use a lot of the Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray in between washes as car gets more dusty than dirty. As for soap, I find any good quality car soap is adequate and see no reason for using the Z-7 Show Car Wash?

I end up using the Z-2 far more frequently than the Z-1 so if you want to stock up I'd recommend: (1) Z-1, (2) Z-2, (2) Z-9 Leather Soft Spray Cleaner, (1) Z-10 Leather in a Bottle and about (3+) Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray.
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I have two coats of Z2 on my month old TSX and it looks great. I get compliments on it all the time. I've been washing it every weekend. I plan on getting the whole kit and doing all that in a few months to keep it looking new.
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