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So long story short, I'm hearing a whining sound when lowering speed from 80 down but I've already changed out all suspension components; wheel bearings/tie rods/rack n pinion/mounts/new tires balanced and aligned and my stock struts n springs are fine. And I cant figure it out and its driving me nuts! And finally I have a vibration that comes from a SLIGHT drop in RPM when I put the car in Drive and keep my foot on the brake but NO vibration at all when the car is in Neutral and my foot is on the brake; I've given it a tune up/oil change/ transmission flush n fill/ and seafoam treatment and still cant figure out why it vibrates ONLY when I put it in drive and have my foot on the brake like when im at a red light and the RPMs drop slightly causing it to vibrate like its on super low idle but the computer controls idle so its not like bak in the 90s where you just had to adjust the throttle cable to fix the idle issue. So if anyone has gone through any of these problems please give me some feed back cuz i cant figure it out! O and I have NO check engine lights so its nothing electrical.
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