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Why am I so excited?

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Today I got a courtesy car from Lougheed Acura. I was expecting an EL but instead I got an RSX! I know our babies surpass RSX in every category but somehow I feel so excited when I was driving there something wrong with me? :police:
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I got an Acura loaner once (Fall 2003), it was a beat up '03 TL base automatic (the 2nd gen). Man that thing was terrible it rattles, squeaks, a radio that even doesn't work, accelerate and the engine knocks really hard, brakes squeal, to steering wheel vibrations. It felt like that car was falling apart and it had only 31k miles. Other than that, the local dealer has RSXs and TSXs as loaners now, though they are phasing out the RSXs and placing the TSX in there place. I noticed the RSX bases they have are 03-04 models.
Kanon23 said:
hey man what car is your avatar?
The new Lexus IS

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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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