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Why am I so excited?

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Today I got a courtesy car from Lougheed Acura. I was expecting an EL but instead I got an RSX! I know our babies surpass RSX in every category but somehow I feel so excited when I was driving there something wrong with me? :police:
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dont they have the base RSX as loaners? i've driven one b4 from northshore acura..they're so loud:S..and they dont go anywhere..hehe but the one thing i do like is the steering wheel!
Kanon23 said:
no basically the RSX was like a last resort since they have lots of ELs as loaners...maybe it's because the feelings are different when you drive a 2 door coupe...

eg when I was driving my TSX I feel like in the James Bond movie but in the RSX I felt like in Fast and Furious movie :lol:

all in all it's good to have my car back again
how come you came all the way out here to lougheed? dont you live in richmond? what brought you to this dealership? (just out of curiousity)
a lot of times i think u have to specify for a loaner..or else you're SOL..i've never heard of rsx-s loaners tho..just EL and base RSX

i know northshore does base RSX and lougheed does EL
my buddy just got an 05 rsx-s in white..OMG..thats PURE SEX..its so hawt
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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