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After having my Acura for 5 months, here are a few things I wish that I had.

1. Power passenger seat. I can't tell you how many people get in my car and say, "Man, I feel like I'm sitting on the road." Of course, with the driver's power seat, I have been able to raise the seat a bit, which probably exaggurates the effect on the passenger.

2. Dual-zone automatic climate control is great, but driver and passenger side need to have independent fan speeds.

3. Driver information system. MAN, I miss that feature! My Explorer (Eddie Bauer) had it. I loved knowing how many miles to empty, duration next oil change, etc.

4. Mounted steering wheel controls needs to be lit. Now that I'm used to the car, it's OK. But for the first few months, I'd have to press half the buttons before I remembered which one was for the cruise when trying to set it at night.

Anyway, I think 1 and 4 are being taken care of in the 05, but I just thought I'd share my wish list. :)

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Nice list.

Almost everybody has agreed with #4, and most people with #1, and yes, it seems that the '05 will have them.

I'm not sure how important #2 is. It has seemed to me that you can accomplish all you want with the dual-zone, plus adjusting the directionality of the vents. I wonder if maybe you haven't yet done all you can about that second part.

I'm not at all familiar with the driver info system.
BTW the Nav does tell you how many miles you have left (although conservatively).
It doesn't strike me that it's very important to have a system that tells you how long till the next oil change, among other reasons because so many people follow their own schedules rather than the "official" line.
What else does the driver info system have?
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