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These are the set I won at the Speedstar meet which was sponsored by Work Wheels. Tires have been mounted (had to buy tires to claim the free wheels) but the wheels have never been mounted on a vehicle....not even a test fit.

Wheel specs are 19x8 48+ all around. The tires are also brand new 235/35/19 Pinso P91 balanced and ready to go.

These retail for way more than this ($3500 for wheels alone according to Speedstar's receipt) but only asking $1950 OBO for wheels only and $2350 OBO for wheels with tires.

Willing to part wheels from tires and ship as well.

I will also consider partial trade plus cash for a set of OEM tsx wheels (04-05) with good tires or other high end wheels.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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