Wanted: Manual 2006-2008 Acura TSX in ‘Carbon Grey Pearl’ or ‘Royal Blue Pearl’ with an ‘Ebony’ (black) interior.
Location: Wells, Maine

Currently seeking out a manual CL9 Acura TSX in the New England area. Looking for a well maintained example that is stock or with minimal modifications. Car must be mechanically healthy with a rust free body (especially in areas such as the rocker panels and rear quarter panels). Higher mileage is not an issue if there are records of regular service. Preferred color combination is ‘Carbon Grey Pearl’ or ‘Royal Blue Pearl’ with an ‘Ebony’ interior. I may also consider ‘Alabaster Silver Metallic’, ‘Premium White Pearl’, ‘Glacier Blue Metallic’ or ‘Deep Green Pearl’.

I’m hoping to find something within 1-2 hours of my location, however I’m open to a car outside of that if the owner is willing to thoroughly document the vehicle. Let me know what you have by replying to this post or sending me a private message. Thank you!