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Thought I might share what I have done to my cl9 so far. Previously had a DC5R which was nice however the suspension geometry and my solid engine mounts was made me rid it.

Currently the car has the following mods.

RSP K20 Cylinder Head
Toda Balancer Killer Kit
Toda CL7 Baffle Oil Pan
Toda Spec C Cams
Toda Valve Springs
Toda Headers
Norm Butler 3" Custom Exhaust (previously J's Racing 70RR)
Hondata IMG
RRC Intake Manifold
K-Tuned TPS V2
70mm Skunk2 Cable TB
RDX 410cc Injectors
Gruppe-M Intake
Iridiway 8 NGK Spark plugs
Hondata K-Pro with Driven Performance dual harness
Feels Engine Torque Damper

DC5 ITR 1-5
FG2 6th
Wavetrac LSD
Carbonetics 1300kg carbon clutch kit
Mugen Short Shifter
Hybrid Racing shifter bushings

M and M Honda Ohlins
Hyperco 12k Front and 8k rear Springs
Spoon front camber arms
Spoon rear toe arms
Spoon rear camber arms
Whiteline rear sway bar (18mm)
Carbing rear boot brace
Cusco front strut
Spoon Rigid collars
Fastline Rear Sway bar endlinks
Hardrace Front LCA Bushings

Wheels and brakes
Formula Silver CE28N 17 x 8.5 +30 with 235/40 Z1 Star Spec (street) front
Formula Silver CE28N 17 x 7.5 +33 with 215/405Z1 Star Spec (street) rear
Takata Green TE37 17 x 8.5 +40 with 235/45 (front) A050 (track)
Takata Green TE37 17 x 7.5 +30 with 225/45 (rear) A050 (track)
Aluminum eccentric hub ring
Kics Bronze R40 wheel nuts
AP Racing Pro 5000+ calipers
330mm front slotted 2 piece rotors
DBA rear slotted and crossed drilled rotors
Endless MX72 brake pads
Goodridge brake lines

Ecliptect Shift-I sequential shift light
Feel's oil cap
Feel's radiator cap
Oddessey Battery
Pivot Mega Raizin
Bride Type FO seat rails for driver and passenger
Recaro SPG x 2
OEM Honda S2000 CR Gear Knob
27 LED panel map light x 2
27 LED panel dome light
Reverse/Brake T20 LED
T10 LED all over
eBay M3 Style boot lip
Generic Oil catch can from PCV valve

Yet to go in
Hardrace RCA
Energy Suspension front sway bar bushings
Hond-R front and rear engine mounts
Fastbrakes rear BBK
Spoon Sports Solid Steering Bush

Driven performance dual harness setup for Kpro

ECU hidden!

Carbing boot brace

J's 70RR

Spoon rear toe arm

Pair of SPG

Overall car shot

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Pics when motor was out doing RSP cylinder head and cams.

RSP (FD2R/FN2R) cylinder head

Random pics

Toda oil pan didn't arrive on time. Stock pan had to get pressed out to not hit RRC oil pump.

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Custom 3" Exhaust

Suspension upgrade!

Dyno sheet

Solid blue - 3rd tune with 3" exhaust
Red - 2nd tune with RRC, 70mm skunk2 cable tb, 70RR and RDX injectors
Blue - RSP with 64mm DBW tb, 70rr and Stock 310cc injectors.

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Wow that is a very impressive mod list.
Very clever wheel setup, wider tires at front where the traction is and not vice versus (just for look).

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Suspension is either 12 or 16 one way adjustable. Should be rebound only.

Was in a rush to put them on and didn't get time to do a shock dyno to see what it actually changes.

Spring rates are your choice and they will valve the shock to suit.

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How does the Ecliptech Shift Light works ?
Does it show you when you're in VTEC range?

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great to see you put up a build thread!!!

plenty of work done there! I've got so much work to do to play catch up with you and Simon
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