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XXR 521 help.

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Hey everyone, I wanted to know what you guys thought of what im planning on putting on my 05 TSX.

On the front - XXR 521 18x8.5 1.75" lip
Tires are 215/40
On the back - XXR 521 18x10 3.5" lip
Tires are 225/40
Im going to put on Tien Street Basis Coilover(front and back)
- I'll adjust that to the height I think is best
Also, I will be rolling my fenders, getting stretch tires(front and back I think), and getting a camber kit.

What do you guys think am I doing good for my first move on the car?
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Idk about xxr521, if you have the cash, spend it on something with better quality. The varrstoen 1.1.1 wheels are good. They are like 1050 shipped. He will also throw in 64.1 wheel hubs if you ask. 18x9.5 with the 30 offset should give you around an 3+ in lip.

Here take a look at wareagle19o9 thread He has those varrstoen wheels on his car.
Wow those rims look great, but sort of confused on how to get them. I searched up Varrstoen and the official website is from the Netherlands I think? I guess I'll try and contact them.

But other than the rims I was more concerned about everything else. Am I doing it right haha I think I'll look good with the specifications i put?
12207 Los Nietos Road

Unit C

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

T: 562-698-8215
F: 562-698-8216

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

[email protected]

That's how I got in contact with them! Good people to work with.

The street basis is ok, comfy and not to boucey. If you don't want to be slammed all the way then these are for you. If you want to be "Tucked" go for Tein Suspension MONO FLEX MFP Coilover-Damper Kit.

Everything else sounds good
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Thanks man, appreciate any help from the community, really kind of you.
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