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Hello members, I am new to this forum and I have an AC problem with my 2005 TSX.
I have read through countless threads hoping to find an answer, but since I could not find it, am now asking the group.

The AC works when it feels like.
If I start the engine for the first time in the morning, the AC will work for about 3 mins then stop.
Or not work at all.
If it does work for the short time and stop, then it will not work again until about 10-15 mins.
Or sometimes not at all.

Professional Troubleshooting:
Took it to a shop and they said the Coolant and pressure levels are good.
They believe the clutch is bad and only comes on when the engine is warmed up.

My Troubleshooting:
To quickly summarize - I did my own tests and found that all relays, fans and pressure switch are good.
On the AC relay, I can bridge the internal switch and the AC clutch will work. I also found that if I wire a GROUND to the relay socket, and put the relay back in, the AC clutch will come on and I can drive around for hours and the AC will work, ice cold and all the time.
So I don't think it is the clutch. I think maybe the AC Controller is bad? It should provide a ground to the relay to make it come on, but it is not - or at least not all the time. Or maybe the AC controller senses that the clutch is not good and turns it off to be safe?

Thoughts? Feedback?
Just would hate to have to take a chance on a controller.
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