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Hi there!

First of all, this is a SALE-thread from GERMANY, Europe.

I want to sell my summer rims from my old Honda Accord (TSX).
I separated me from the Accord, because I need a new car - with more power.

So, the PCD doesnt match with the rims at the new car. Damn! :-(

They're ORIGINAL racing-rims of the company YOKOHAMA - more specifically ADVAN. Model RG-D in matte black. These wheels are used in the WTCC in part, as well as other racing series. Absolute performance-rims!

They are undamaged, almost 2 years old, were imported directly from Japan (over UK to Germany)! and make a significant visual improvement. A small low bed (is this the right english word for that? o0) is given - see the pictures. Tires are also from Yokohama, model Advan Sport. Profile height varies between the front and rear tires. Approx. 5-7mm

Originally, these rims are for cars like Toyota Silvia / Supra and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, Subaru WRX STi, Nissan Skyline / GT-R, etc., etc. intended. However, they will definetly upgrade each car. See my Accord. ;-)

Center caps are present, along with the blue valves and LugNuts also by ADVAN.


- 2 rims / tires á
Yokohama Advan RG-D (matte black) + Yokohama Advan Sport
19 x 8.5inch - InSet 40 - PCD 114.3 x 5 - 225/35 ZR19
18.8 kg (rim + tire)

- 2 rims / tires á
Yokohama Advan RG-D (matte black) + Yokohama Advan Sport
19 x 9.0inch - InSet 48 - PCD 114.3 x 5 - 235/35 ZR19
20.3 kg (rim + tire)

Rims at Advan:
ADVAN Wheels - ADVAN Racing RG-D

Tires at Yokohama:
Performance Car Tires | Yokohama Tire Corp.

My former Honda Accord:

Large images:

Payment by PAYPAL for your security and my. ;-)
Shippment-costs varies by your location. Just let me know your address, so i can calculate.

BTW: In Germany, nobody has the money and knowledge about these fantastic rims, because each of them want to have a nice car but only takes eyes to some shit like "Stickers" :p

If you have any questions or want to know more about that, just feel free and let me know.

Location: Ravensburg, GERMANY, Europe

Thanks for reading.
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