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Hey guys,

Been a constant lurker in this forum. Actually had a very low mileage 05 TSX 6spd (106,000km/ 65k miles) that I sold about a month ago, someone offered me such a good price I couldn't refuse to sell it.I was just randomly searching what other TSX's were on sale here in Calgary and this one popped right up, didn't even hesitate to call and make the purchase. 2006 TSX A-spec Non-Navi White w/ 168,000km (101k miles).

This will be a slow build, I have accumulated a lot of parts that didn't get installed on my 05 TSX (Thankfully). I will be installing these parts during when Spring comes along here in Canada. Here is how the 06 sits as of right now, she's a thing of beauty and one thing I have to say the minor tech differences and better cams do make this year (06-08) a lot better than the 04-05.

My new (to me) 2006 White Acura A-Spec 6spd, currently on its winter rims & tires:

Current mods on it (2017):
  • Authentic Mugen Visors
  • H and R springs
  • OEM A-Spec kit
Current Parts that are not installed:
  • Tein Flex Z Coilovers
  • Skunk 2 Upper Camber Arms
  • SPC Upper Kits
  • Ingalls Rear Camber/Toe Kit
  • Injen CAI
  • Reflash
  • RSP Progressive rear sway bar
When I received it Nov 28, 2017:


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2018 Updates AFTER Winter:

Maintenance 165xxx km:

  • New OEM Clutch, Master & Slave Cylinder
  • Manual Trans Fluid Replaced OEM
  • Oil Change ALWAYS Mobil 1 5w-30 w/ OEM Filter
  • New Brake Pads
  • New Front OEM CV Joints
Full Paint Correction:
  • 3 Stage Polish and Coating. Decontaminated the whole car with Iron X - Stripped it off of all Waxes and Sealants - Clay - Compound - Polish - 2 Coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze (12hr cure) - 1 Coat of Meguiars Ultimate Wax.
Also bought new shoes!
  • Enkei Nt-03 +M 9.5 +40 w/ Conti DWS06 225/40/18
  • Installed HIC Rear Visor

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2019 Spring Modifications and Changes (180,xxxkm)

Drove it around with the previous mods for the whole year in 2018. General maintenance are always up to date (Oil Changes, Brake Pads, etc) so I wont include that into this thread. Just more of updates on parts.
  • Suspension
    • Tein Flex Z Coilovers all around
    • Skunk2 Front UCA
    • Alutec Front Upper Strut Bar
    • Ingalls Rear Camber Kit
    • Ingalls Toe Arm Kit
    • SPC Rear UCA
    • H&R Rear Sway Bar 21mm Hard Setting w/ New Rear Stabilizer links
    • Alignment
  • Engine & Other
    • Euro R Depo Headlights
    • CAI Injen Intake
    • 2006-07 Sti Front V-Lip
    • Ventus Auto Side Splitters
    • Driver Side Liner

What she looked like after all these mods:


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2019 Summer Modifications:

I wasn't ever planning on doing a BBK but knowing that the Brembo Hyundai Genesis Calipers fit directly on the TSX without brackets made me consider it. With this fillowing setup it is NECESSARY that you have BBK friendly rims. The Enkei Nt03 +40 will require you to use min 1" Spacer, I will be experimenting with the same rim but with a +27 offset rim that a buddy of mine is letting fit. It might help reduce spacer size by 1/2"
  • Brake Modifications
    • Stoptech SS Brake lines Front & Rear
    • 2014 Hyundai Genesis 3.5L V6 Brembo Calipers
    • Akebono Pads for Brembo Calipers
    • 2016 Rogue w/ 3 Row Seat Power Stop Drilled & Slotted Rotors
    • Fastbrakes Centering Hub Rings (Not necessary according to some people who have used the same setup)
    • 1" Front Spacers to clear Enkei Nt03+ 40 Rims
    • OEM Brake Fluid Flush

REVIEW: I didn't think it would make much of a difference especially from the reviews Ive gotten from people who have the TL-S or RL BBK's. I did not notice softer pedals or any issues. I took it to a 7 hour mountain drive to test out suspension and brakes, the following weekend. I had no issues at all with brake pedal feel or vibrations. I know for a fact that these are the best modification I have done so far OEM sucks compared to these ive always had an issue with warping specially at a full car load or constant hard braking. I was also able to use it to its full extent when a deer jumped out on the road on my way to work!
VERDICT: 100% Worth it


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2019 Summer Modifications Cont.

My GF wasn't too happy that I was loading up the CC like nothing, but I'm already balls deep into it so might as well keep it going. "Better to ask for forgiveness than for permission" ;):cool:

  • Power Related Modifications:
    • Sergebo Reflash
    • Muffler Replacement w/ 2x Magnaflow Mufflers 14829 (Will be getting a full exhaust next year, I just wanted extra sound without the riceness)
Sergebo Reflash REVIEW: Heard great things about Sergebo's Reflash and Headers (Which I will be ordering next spring) and the added benefits of going through him than the Hondata Reflash. Everything is basically the same to the Hondata but you don't have to send in your key, ECU etc.. Also he did something on the o2 sensor so when I decide to go HFC or Test pipe I wont be getting any codes. Initial thoughts, car feels much better and smoother. V-tech doesn't kick as hard as it did in the 6k range, you barely feel/hear it when it engages. It is much more responsive. MPG seems like it got better, I get about 7.1 L/100km or 33mpg on a 4hr trip averaging about 120-130 km/h
VERDICT: For the price and convenience of no downtime TWO BIG THUMBS UP


  • Extra & Misc Modifications:
    • K-Tuned Billet Aluminum Shifter
    • Infamous Mind Weighted Countersunk Limited Shifter
    • LED Fog Light Conversion 6k
    • LED Interior bulbs all around
    • LED Reverse & Side Marker Bulbs
    • 46347
    • 46349

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2019 Current Setup and Look

So I've had this car about 2+ years now, started off slow but really caught up this year. I dont really need a car that is fast but just quick and looks good. I have big plans for this girl (SC :sneaky: ) for 2020, but right now since she is approaching 190,xxx km I will be concentrating on a BIG Maintenance before or after Winter. Im super A-nal about maintenance and usually do everything at once instead of "waiting till something breaks". I love how reliable this car is, the looks it gets and the confusion when I say its a 2006 car.

  • Maintenance List (Regularly Updated As I Go)
    • Oil Change every 7000km w/ Mobil 1 & OEM Filter
    • Cabin Air Filter

  • 190,xxx km Big Maintenance To Do List: ALL OEM Parts
    • Valve Adjustment
    • Valve Cover Gasket & Seals
    • Spark Plugs
    • Timing Chain Tensioner
    • Auto Tensioner
    • VTC Actuator
    • Serpentine Belt & Drive Belt
    • PCV Valve
    • Brake - Coolant - Power Steering - MT Fluid Flush
    • New Injen Filter & Buy Hydroshield
    • Clean Throttlebody
    • Small Rack and Pinion Leak
    • Right Fog Light Lens Crack (Replace)
If ANYONE has anything I should ADD to this list, please, PLEASE let me know, Id rather tackle everything at once than do it separately.
I don't drive this in the winter anyways.


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1st meet I attended with all the parts installed. There were more cars but one car beside me left and I had the chance to take some pics of her.

Instagram: Justgood_tsxx (for the latest and greatest updates)


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Thanks! As for the Billet Shifter, there has been reviews that it either broke or somehow became damaged overtime. I have not experienced any of these, 1st thing I really noticed how tight everything was to get into gear. It has a shorter throw compared to OEM, I cant compare it to other short throw shifters but this has been my favorite mod so far besides the BBK.

+ Love the look of the shifter without the cover!

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2020 Summer Modifications:

Finally took it out of storage! I mounted the A-Spec Rims during winter just to see how it looked. As for 2020 Modifications, we all know that Covid-19 and getting engaged really screwed up my plans for this year for the car. I am looking into BBK friendly rims such as TEs etc so I don't have to run a 1" spacer and lower the car some more. I guess supercharging it will have to happen after the wedding.


Mods this year so far:
  • Euro R Grill
  • De-badged Acura Emblems & Replaced with Honda Accord (Euro R rear emblem coming)
  • Retro fitted FD2 Replica CF Mugen Gt Spoiler
  • Bunch of stickers


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Thanks wast too sure if i wanted to install it, but ive always wanted to have a "clean" Riced out Honda LOL! Sure does add character though!

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nice mods! I'm in YYC too! maybe we'll see each other around town.
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